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ORACLE™: Service and support

When you order an ORACLE™ unit, our factory-trained engineers will take care of its delivery, installation and commissioning. Once installed, our engineers will maintain and service the unit.


• Site survey by our engineers to identify and agree the unit’s safe and optimum location 

• Machine tool deep clean prior to ORACLE™ installation (Start Fresh: Stay Fresh)

• Compatibility tests on all industrial oils used in the designated machine tool (e.g. slide-ways, spindles; bar-feeders etc.), to ensure ORACLE™’s performance.


Your ORACLE™ unit is designed to deliver outstanding performance…we want to keep it that way.

Servicing is included in the monthly leasing agreement, and specific activities include:

• Monthly servicing visits:

• top up internal concentrate reservoirs

• clean filters, sensors and probes

• wipe down fascias

• check hoses 

• check tramp oil removal and extraction systems

All servicing is undertaken by qualified service staff, and all servicing activities are logged and reported for instant access via the Oracle™ Data Hub.

• Periodic servicing visits and reporting:

• sump fluid laboratory analysis 

• water, fresh mixed fluid and oil compatibility tests 

• 12 month service:

• additional machine deep clean

• removal of swarf/debris from machine sump to extend fluid life and reduce waste and downtime