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The Oracle™ advantage

ORACLE™ - the advanced metal working fluid management system delivers a range of benefits to customers. Our technical sales staff can demonstrate the real advantages and cost savings available from investing in ORACLE™, by visiting your facility (in the first instance) to conduct an in-depth audit of current metal working fluid handling, consumption and management activities and their costs. From this data, they will prepare a comprehensive proposal that will demonstrate the productivity, performance and cost benefits from using ORACLE™. 

Cost savings

Cost savings and operational benefits can be immediately realised by using ORACLE™: These include:

• Reduced labour costs

Because ORACLE™ automatically tops up metal working fluid levels (in the sump), and adjusts the fluid’s concentration and pH to their pre-set parameters - the need for operators to undertake these activities is eliminated allowing them to focus on more profitable tasks.

• Reduced metal working fluid usage (and costs)

Because sump levels are automatically ’topped up’ to pre-set levels - less metal working fluids are used, or wasted.  Similarly, maintaining correct fluid concentration levels also reduces consumption, as over-concentration is unnecessary and expensive.

• Increased sump life

Because the correct balance of a metal working fluid’s concentration and pH is always maintained…sump life is extended.

• Increased machine tool uptime

Because the machine never alarms’-out, and ‘cleaning’ is reduced to just one operation per year…machine tool downtime and maintenance are controlled.

• Machine tool protection

ORACLE™ maintains the fluid's correct concentration and pH…which in turn helps protect the machine tool’s seals and gaskets.

Health, Safety & Environmental factors:

Oracle™ ensures that you are Health & Safety compliant, and specific advantages include:

• Correctly maintained fluids

Tightly-controlled pH and concentration levels (achieved by using ORACLE™) are safer to use and require less biocides to be used. They also mean less smoke and misting, and minimise the creation of unpleasant odours caused by sump contamination.

• Waste reduction

Waste is reduced (as well as the costs associated with their disposal) because fewer machine ‘clean outs’ are required.

Performance benefits:

ORACLE™ ensures high-quality, high-accuracy and improved machining process reliability. Specific benefits include:

• Improved tool life and performance

When a fluid’s concentration drops there is a marked decrease in tool life. This means that ORACLE™ can help reduce tooling costs, and ensure component accuracy, repeatability and quality (including surface finishes).

• Cycle time improvement

Metal working fluids maintained at the optimum concentration levels mean that higher cutting data can be used, and that processes such as reaming and rigid tapping and drilling, are more secure.